We help our Clients to create and implement Organisation Designs that reduce Costs, increase Productivity, manage Complexity, and deliver Growth & Profitability

designing your organisation

The design and structure of an organisation should be aligned to its objectives, strategy, and expertise. At ErgonVen we provide specialist services in Business Restructuring and Organisation Design. We help our Clients reduce their costs, drive Growth through their business, and align their organisation and resources to their strategic objectives.

Our team of Business Restructuring Consultants assess your business structure, identify areas of improvement, and work with you to design and roll-out a new organisation design. A design that capitalises on your strengths, minimises your weaknesses, and aligns your business to your customers' expectations.

Our Corporate Restructuring blueprint is predicated on creating clear and value-add structures, drive accountability within the organisation, and reduce complexity. Our aim is to create clear roles and responsibilities, minimise waste, increase productivity, and foster innovation on all aspects of business life.

In every Business Restructuring we undertake, alongside the final blueprint we deliver a complete, easy-to-implement, and measurable Change Management Plan. A Change Management Plan that sells convincingly the need for change, drives and monitors the restructuring activities, and creates a new solid foundation that people can relate to, embrace, and flourish within.

it is all in the design

We deliver a rigorous, streamlined and efficient design that links to the organisation's Vision and Strategy:

  • Rigorous Organisation Design tailor-made for your business
  • Leveraging Best Practice within and across Industries
  • Focus on Value Creation
  • Drives Accountability
  • Reduces Complexity
  • Enables Cross-Functional Synergies

business & corporate restructuring

We assess, design, and implement Functional, Business and Corporate Restructuring programmes, underpinned by rigorous Project and Change Management frameworks:

  • Assessment of Need for Change and Burning Platform
  • Deliver a clear Value Proposition
  • Stakeholder Management & Board Approvals
  • Design Organisation Blueprint
  • Roll-out, Implementation, Institutionalisation of New Reality
  • Advanced Project Management & Change Management Frameworks

change management - the backbone of organisation design

We deliver and roll-out a Change Management Plan that focusses on Stakeholder buy-in, minimising uncertaintly and resistance, and timely transition to the New Reality and "Business as Usual":

  • Tailor-made Change Management plan to the Organisation Needs, Culture, and Constraints
  • Seamless Roll-out & Implementation, minimising disruption
  • Clear Stakeholder & Employee Communication Plans
  • Tangible demonstration of Value Creation