Business Strategy is like Sailboat racing - you need to know where you are heading, have a clear plan to stay on course, and a baseline for measuring progress against the competition

getting your strategy right

A well-conceived and executed strategy provides a solid baseline for building a successful enterprise. It creates an inextricably link to a business or corporation’s values, vision and mission. It provides the framework on which a well-defined set of actions are executed that support and enable meeting the organisation’s vision and objectives.

A clearly defined corporate strategy also allows the organisation to explore, assess, and commit to strategic choices about the business direction and future value generation options. Our Business Strategy team and Corporate Strategy consultants work with you and your teams to understand the core objectives and vision of your business, express clearly its value proposition and competitive advantage, and step-by-step lay down a strategy that allow you to explore those to create unique and inimitable value for you and your shareholders. Strategy Consultancy is all about working with organisations to define and capture the strategic choices available that shape their future course such that maximises long-term profitability. It is this overarching objective that drives the long-term perspective of ErgonVen’s Strategy Consultants.

Strategic Planning

We help your business develop and execute a Strategic Planning process that supports and enable your vision, and maximise both your short and long-term profit potential:

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Onshore and Offshore Operational Models
  • Strategic Partnerships & Outsourcing

Managing Strategic Resources

We walk you through the strategy journey and help you allocate your business resources where it really matters:

  • Managing Uncertainty & converting it into Opportunity
  • Scarce Resources: how and where to deploy them for maximising Return
  • Innovation & Growth: turning Strategy into tangible Blueprints

Strategic Investment

Turning your Strategic Options into fully resourced and validated Business Cases:

  • Removes Complexity, minimises Uncertainty, and mitigates Risks
  • Enables the application of Portfolio Management techniques
  • Easy idenitification of Investment & Divestment Opportunities