business development and marketing

We aim at maximising your Revenue by Building your Brand, Invest in developing your Business, and Deploy a targeted world-class Marketing Strategy

new business, customer insight & strategic marketing

Business Development & Marketing are at the heart of every business. The objective of capturing a wider client base whilst retaining existing customers creates a valuable business proposition; that of increasing Revenues and maximising Profits.

At ErgonVen we specialise in providing Business Development Consultancy services, ranging from Business Development and Marketing plans, to detailed market or country-entry strategies and international sales.

Our Business Development Consultants have a wide and diverse experience in creating Revenue Growth strategies both for local and international clients. This experience, coupled with ErgonVen’s high-end Marketing Consultancy Services guarantee the successful introduction of your company and products to new markets and regions. Whether it is product differentiation, new market or new region penetration, we have the right people to help you design, build, and execute your strategy.

A core part of our Marketing Consultancy services is the design and deployment of our specialist Marketing Analytics and Customer Insight Services. Capturing, measuring, and analysing customer data provide a wealth of invaluable information on customer behaviour, preferences and trends, that help us build an integrated Marketing Analytics plan and a targeted Business Development framework.

Building an Instantly Recognisable Brand

Building competitive differentiation requires strategic thinking, strong values and identity, and a quality offering. All these are key elements that should encompass your Brand:

  • Getting the basics right - your Business Objectives, Vision, and Values
  • Brand Design - business aspirations and competitive positioning
  • Brand Validation - ensuring the intended message reaches the consumer base unaltered
  • Brand Deployment - living the brand and its values

Business Development Consultancy

Through our Business Development expertise and Customer Insight & Retention models, we deliver tailor-made Business & Revenue Growth plans, that help you take your business expand strategically:

  • Business Development Plans - Market Penetration, Product Differentiation and Introduction
  • Country-entry Strategy & Business case
  • Market & Competitor Intelligence
  • Customer Lifecycle Management

Deploying a world-class Marketing Strategy

A Marketing strategy encompasses all the elements of your company, brand, and product that allows you to effectively communicate with your existing and prospect customer base:

  • Competitive Differentiation - your key product/service attributes that make you stand out
  • Customer Segmentation & Marketing Analytics - the trap of being everything to everyone
  • Online and offline media - comunicating effectively with your audience
  • Customer Insight & Research and Data Analytics