about ergonven

We aspire to creating Value in all Engagements we undertake, whilst respecting and promoting individuality

creating tangible value

It is this vision that defines our stringent criteria in selecting our client base, and our even more stringent criteria in planning, executing, and measuring the value that our services provide in both our clients and in their customers' organisations.

Our mission is to help our clients develop, grow, and shape their businesses to profitable organisations that are sustainable in the long-term, as measured by shareholder returns, brand reputation, and talent acquisition and retention.


We have extensive experience in working with big corporations, both in senior management and consultancy posts. Our experience and expertise spans from blue chip companies in the UK, US, and Europe, consulting them in the areas of consumer intelligence, customer retention, marketing, strategy, organisation design and corporate restructuring. All our senior partners have held senior management positions in international organisations in the UK, France, Germany, and Greece.

The entire team in ErgonVen have the required qualifications, experience and - most importantly - mindset to constructively engage with our clients, understand their needs, and propose tailored-made solutions that maximise their profit potential and long-term competitive differentiation.